Hi everyone! Today I’ve got another fabulous pancake recipe for you! I received so much great feedback for my basic vegan gluten-free pancakes that I thought I just had to {read more…}


Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing a very easy and yummy recipe for some no cook nachos! It doesn’t require cooking and only takes around 5 minutes to make, yet it’s {read more…}


Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of salads and cold food, which is what many vegan dishes tend to be. I prefer hearty meals that are flavoursome and {read more…}


Good morning everyone! Today I’m sharing one of my favourite summer drink recipes! A special take on the usual lemonade. This lemonade has fresh basil leaves in it, which gives {read more…}


As the warmer weather approaches, I’m leaning away from cooking labour-intensive hot and heavy meals in the kitchen and instead gravitating towards lighter meals that are fresh and quick to {read more…}


Hello my loves! Today I’m sharing a breakfast recipe which is a staple at our place! A pancake recipe that checks all the right things: vegan, no egg, no milk, {read more…}

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Hi and welcome to my food blog! I'm Zhouer and I make healthy vegan recipes that are also all gluten-free and sugar-free! Check out my YouTube channel for recipe videos. I hope you like them and if you make anything, tag me on Instagram or Twitter @veganrecipescom as I would love to see your creation! :) Read more about me...

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