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Cooking healthy vegan food is one of my greatest passions, which I decided to turn into something that I hope helps other people! On my personal Instagram account, I posted very simple pictures of the meals I made and received a lot of comments from my lovely followers about how delicious everything looked and how they loved my food! Those followers are one of my biggest inspirations to start my vegan food blog and YouTube channel. I feel that on my blog and through my videos, I’m able to explain and show in much more detail about how to make a particular dish right from the ingredients I use to the finished product!

I really enjoy coming up with new recipes, experimenting with different flavour combinations, textures, ingredients and techniques and discovering new things in the world of healthy food. The best part is that through my YouTube channel and blog, I get to share it with all of you! Aside from my recipes being vegan, they are also all gluten-free, free of refined sugar, healthy, delicious and easy which are all very important to me.

I try my best to use seasonal ingredients that are natural, widely available and affordable for everybody, although sometimes I may use something that’s a little more exotic as I think it’s great to try new things! I also like to use certain ingredients over others for their higher nutritional value which also reflects in my recipes. I’m not a nutritionist, chef or expert on veganism though. I’m just a home cook who loves eating and making healthy, delicious vegan food and sharing it with others!

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free of refined sugar

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Hi and welcome to my food blog! I'm Zhouer and I make healthy vegan recipes that are also all gluten-free and sugar-free! Check out my YouTube channel for recipe videos. I hope you like them and if you make anything, tag me on Instagram or Twitter @veganrecipescom as I would love to see your creation! :) Read more about me...

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